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Who is USA Energy Savers?

Greenville SC. Award Winning Solar Company

USA Energy Savers started in 2000 by family owned  solar industry professionals who knew there was directions in Solar that could be improved upon. While other companies put their focus on undercutting bids & cutting costs and corners to grab their piece of the market, we decided to focus on what means the most to the customers." You The Customer" & " How to get solar right!". So our goal is to educate, preserve and protect the value of the home while delivering the very best in the industry for Solar Panels, Warranties, Installation and Financing. When you get these values right, the customer wins every time.  We feel that our 5 star raving reviews says it all. 

On the Get it right Solar Show, Mark has been vetting Solar companies across the nation for over a decade. His clear choice for the best solar service in South Carolina is USA Energy Savers. from engineering to installation, warranties to financing you are guaranteed to the very best quality of solar services and Solar panels installed on your roof. We get the pleasure of helping  you Get Solar Right on your home.  

Reasons To Go Solar Now

Greenville SC. State Solar Rebates and Federal Tax Credits.

Our Mission
USA Energy Savers is dedicated to you for the life of your solar system. We stand by our work, our service and support. Another big part of Getting solar right is getting the right solar company to install that system on your home and then sand by the craftsmanship for decades to come. We are the leaders in Solar and Roofing in South Carolina and Florida and you can count on us that we will always be there for you.
Our Vision is a concept you you will love.
The customer is always #1 and the vision is to make absolutely sure that all of our customers " Get Solar Right "
Federal Tax Credits
SC State Rebate Program
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Payments For First 3 Months
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