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Who is USA Energy Savers?

We are South Carolina's leading Solar and Roofing company.

Solar is quickly becoming the #1 home improvement you can invest in, because it delivers such a ongoing value to you or the new home owner if you decide to move. There is one fact for sure, your electric companies rates will always be increasing in the future. You have a clear choice, to continue renting your electricity from your utility provider or own your own electricity and have the option to eliminate your bill all together.

In many cases with net metering you will have the option to sell back your unused electricity you have back to your provider. Now you have eliminated your bill altogether and then some. This is why there has never been such a great time to go solar on your residential home or commercial business. Here at USA Energy Savers we make sure you get solar right! 

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Why Go Solar Now?

There are many reasons to go solar and here are a few of them.

Raising rates

Electricity is expensive enough, but you can be guaranteed that the cost will continue to rise more and more in the near future.

30% Federal Tax Credits

The Federal government is paying for 30% of your solar system right now. Tax Credits will be reduced after 2019. Act Now!

Solar Monetizes The Sun

The sun is always going to produce enough energy for all your electrical needs and its better for the environment.

Best Solar Warranties

We provide you with the protection you need when it comes to your residential home and commercial solar warranties.

Storing SOLAR energy

With rolling blackouts in Greenville SC. it is great to have a Solar system installed on your roof to store energy to a backup battery.

Best Solar Financing

You're solar system needs to have the best financing options available. USA Energy Savers are going to show you how.

What Our Customers Are Saying....

Greenville's Favorite 5 Star Solar Company That Understands Customer Are Always First...

Let me start by saying that the Salesman Kevin Thomas was very knowledgeable about the product he was selling and was a pleasure to work with in getting the process started. After the ball got rolling and everything began, Don & Josh were there to answer any questions I had along the way. It did take a few weeks to get the work started, but that wasn't their fault. It took forever for the county to review and approve the plans and permits. Once everything was approved the install and everything along with it happened very quickly. Josh does some very fast work. Overall USA Energy Savers was a pleasure to work with and I would recommend them to anyone.

Will Bowen

Will Bowen

| Home Owner - Residential Solar Google Review

Excellent company and excellent work. They make solar energy really accessible. Installation was quick and efficient. The system was up and working very quickly. 5 stars. If you want to do business with them, do not hesitate! Highly recommended.

Genny Driggers

Genny Driggers

| Home Own - Residential Solar Google Review

USA Energy Savers has made the conversion to solar energy very easy. From someone who was interested in the solar energy but did not fully understand it I have been pleasantly impressed. They have explained it and answered all questions I had. They were very efficient in getting me set up and were always here when they said they would be. Thumbs up to Josh and Don and the whole team!

Debbie Streetman

Debbie Streetman

| Home Owner - Residential Solar Google Review

USA Energy Savers is a great company to work with. They made making the switch to solar very easy. Don and Josh were super helpful answering all my questions.

Jennifer Maxwell

Jennifer Maxwell

| Home Owner - Residential Solar Google Review

Why Choose Us

SC, FL and GA home owners trust us for our five star reputation.

The Right Panel

If you get the right panel that doesn’t degrade rapidly you won’t be buying power again at more expensive rates.

The right install

USA energy savers is the top Solar installer in South Carolina and in Florida with awarding winning services and 5 star rating.

The Right Financing

We have the best financing available for solar customers. 0 down 0 interest 0 payments for the first yr!

The Right Panel

The Right Warranty

Warranties available for the workmanship and the production of your solar system. You are well protected USA Energy Savers.

Tax Credits Available

30% Federal Tax Credits in SC and Florida . state tax credit 25% in SC for all of 2019. Act now while 30% tax credits are available.

Preserve And Protect

If you get a solar system from USA energy savers for your home you will preserve and protect the value of your home.


30% Federal Tax Credits


Happy Clients

Zero Down Payment


25 Year Warranty

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